Sunday, January 18, 2009

Old News

Hi strangers and old friends, I've set up shop across town, quite literally. Here's how:

  1. I quit blogging at this site for a number of reasons
  2. I got separated in 2007, divorced in 2008
  3. I moved from Michigan to North Carolina
  4. I started a remodeling business
  5. I set up a blog at Wordpress, just to noodle with and keep writing a bit
  6. The new Spiffytown was set up
  7. I got married in 2009
I haven't been avoiding most of you, it's just been a busy and change-laden time. If you'd like to catch up, send an email or comment at the new digs. I go by db grin now. This oughtta be the last post at this here site.

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