Friday, March 16, 2007

Was That It?

It went from sunny, warm, and beautiful back to scraping the windshield and bundling up. At least most of the snow is gone, and the floodwaters are receding. The route I take to work each morning was closed* for a couple days because the swamp had claimed the road in several low spots due to huge amounts of runoff. Most roads are back to normal. *closed to 'other people' that is. Those without urgent business on that road, and a Jeep. ========= Is there anything better than a brand new box of boxes of Girl Scout Cookies? I just let my teeth sink through a layer of soft chocolate and creamy peanut butter into a crunchy fresh center of crispy cookie goodness. Mmmm, that tasted like another one. Must save room for Thin Mints. Don't tell the Piggies. ========= I got a whole lotta nothin today. So, on to entertainment news. I heard that not only is the original cast of Futurama back at work on new episodes, but they are also making four movies! The first, Bender's Big Score, is in production even now. Cartoon-wise, Futurama is second only to Looney Tunes in quality, character development, sophistication, artwork, and being flat-out funny. The voice work is stellar - perfectly cast with immense talent. In fact, Billy West, who does a multitude of characters for the show, took over voicing many of Mel Blanc's characters for newer WB shows. Every episode makes me laugh out loud, which is still true after repeated watching. I own the entire collection (yes, I'm that much of a geek) and it's my most prized set of DVD's. I can relate to most of the characters: Professor Farnsworth, the grumpy misunderstood aging inventive genius with an entire collection of doomsday devices and an intergalactic spaceship; Fry, the clueless but good-natured idiot; HedonismBot (who wouldn't want to eat grapes?); even Hermes Conrad, who lives for collating and stamping. I'd have to say if I were going to be any character, it'd be Bender. Narcissistic and calculating, he's an all around fun guy who can store things (and even brew beer) in his belly and beat people with one detached arm. Plus, he has a wicked cool antenna. If you were going to be any cartoon character, which one and why?

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