Friday, March 2, 2007

The Post I Almost Posted

Well, I'm back in town. Thanks for leaving the lights on for me, and I was pleasantly surprised to find my key still works and there's no saran wrap on the toilet. First, mega-thanks to Tiff, Guest-Hostess Extraordinaire who put up the guest posts (not put up WITH, mind you). And thanks to y'all who kept the place running. I enjoyed seeing what you'd come up with (and in some cases, what you wouldn't come up with) the days I could get online. ================ This is what I almost posted last Friday, with much much more to write. But, I had another surprise trip come up, a whirlwind tour of Virginia, DC, and Maryland to deal with jobsite problems. There ensued adventures galore, tales of which are forthcoming. Today. I promise. I've already returned Rick's Rent-A-Goats and paid the bill, and I'm planning to choke and barbecue Tracy's chickens for a big party tonight. Stay tuned!

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