Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Change is Inevitable

I have stories brewing and bubbling, oh yes I do. They are seething, steaming, waiting to be foisted upon innocent and unsuspecting eyes. I'm struggling to keep the lid on so their flavor doesn't dissipate, and hope they keep for another day or two. You see, I had big plans to have 3 stories up by now. But, I've switched departments at work and that's contributed to a serious changing of (read: messing up) my routine. I am moving from Project Management to Design, which has its pluses and minuses. I'll be desk-based instead of traveling, which means yesterday I had to cough up my beloved testosterone-laced laptop for a diesel-powered behemoth PC. The upside is I have 2 massive flat panel monitors, so I can keep favorite pictures (no, not naughty ones) on one screen and work on the other... Meanwhile, at Spiffy Town Hall, I let my trusty (HAH!) dial-up service expire. No internet. At all. Until Thursday. The nice folks at Charter are laying a pipeline right to my front door. YESS! I shall catch up with a vengeance.

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