Monday, January 8, 2007

No, You Did Not Just Say That

Before we get back into the Regularly Scheduled Post (remind me not to do continuations, because starting again feels like pulling on a cold, wet swimsuit), I have to tell a little story. Boy had invited a group of friends to go for pizza and bowling, a last little party before school starts again. He had 4 young ladies show up, and we went to the local bowl-a-rama. A good time was had by all, and we returned home to bake up the pizzas. During the meal, one of the girls commented on the very very short dress she contemplated wearing to the party. The girl next to her said, "Boy, I'm glad you didn't wear that. It was windy today." To which Mrs. Spiffy blurted, "Why? Because it would whistle?" Things just weren't quite the same after that. I couldn't breathe, the poor girl next to me nearly choked on a pizza bone, and the other two girls just looked at each other, not sure they heard what they thought they heard. Mrs. Spiffy was becoming vaguely aware that she said something funny, while Boy, turning several shades of pink, sat slowly shaking his head. Has that ever happened to you? Do tell!

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Sparky Duck said...

happens every time I think of wearing a micro mini