Thursday, December 7, 2006

Let It Snow

I love trains. Normally, they fascinate me. Except for when they stand between me and where I'd like to be. This morning, as I tooled along the country road to work in the dark (another joyous feature of Winter in Michigan), I joined the stack of cars waiting for a train. No big deal, they usually zip along pretty quickly at that crossing. As I drew closer, however, I realized the train was stopped. This might be a while. No problem, Heywood Banks was on the radio singing about Big Butter Jesus on I-75 in Ohio. I learned the words to the chorus and sang along. The reflective tape on the locomotives started to move. Yay! Then they stopped. Then they went the other direction a few feet, and stopped again. It dawned on me: This guy is rocking it to get unstuck from a snow bank. No effing way. I love my Jeep. It's been locked into 4WD since the day after Thanksgiving (except when I took the kids out for donuts in the parking lot), and boy I've needed it. =============================== Ok, I caved in to peer pressure (again) and signed up for Firefox. So far it's, "Omg! Where have you been all my life, and why didn't I find you sooner?!?" I have a friend like that. I still can't get HaloScan to stick to my brand new site. All the cool kids have it. Maybe it's the beta-ness of it all. Anyone know how to get under the hood and fix my hyper-drive here? =============================== I came to work this morning in the aforementioned dark, as I often do. A couple of us early risers enjoy getting a few things done before the phones start ringing and pesky coworkers start their pesking. When that happens, SOP is to turn on only half of the fluorescent mood lighting; it may save energy, but it's more about atmosphere. Well, when the masses start trickling in, some gung-ho morning-type cube-dwelling hyphenated-person will inevitably jam on the high beams and shout, "Good morning!" at the top of his Neanderthal lungs. Normally, I'm cheerful and friendly to all. Today, he earned an inarticulate growl. He came over, slapped me on the back, and said, "I didn't know you were nocturnal!" This led to a discussion. If you're right handed, but can write with your left as well, that's ambidextrous. If you eat veggies, but also meat, you're omnivorous. Well, what if you're up at night AND during the day? C'mon, one of you purveyors of carnal word knowledge must know. The comments button was just MADE for you.


Anonymous said...

What drugs were you on during this morning blog???? Anonymous in TN

tiff said...

Dude - They took Bob and Tom off of the airwaves here in Raleigh about 2 months ago to change to a (get this) COUNTRY station.

I miss Heywood.

Yesssss ,the Firefox is precioussssss. SOrry I can't help you with the Haloscan. You DO have an account, don't you? I can send you the HTML from my template, but because blogger beta uses widgets instead of straight HTML I'm not sure how you're going to put that code into your template...

Wordnerd said...

Not sure about the Haloscan thing -- I got it to work and damned if I know how I did it. And since I declared it a national holiday the day I just learned to insert a photo in my blog, I'm thinkin' you probably should head in the other direction when seeking tech support.

Anonymous said...

Day and night, huh? I would call you laid, but I'm not sure how I came up with that. Something with light, day and night mixed, shade came in there somwhere, but laid sounds good no matter how you say it!

I love your blog.

The Eighty that is... KT

probably not her real name said...

well, if ambidextrous means you can use both hands (ambi=both, dex=hands) then being both nocturnal & non-nocturnal would be something like "ambidianoctorous" (ambi=both, dia=day, & nocto=night)
What do you think?

or maybe "omnialertorous" (omni=all/always, alert=awake)
----this term makes you sound more like a dinosaur---hmmmmmm, Freudian slip?


:) your sis

Biff Spiffy said...

I think I like ambidianoctorous, but it doesn't exactly roll off the tongue. I heard Omnurnal, and I guess that could work. Biurnal made everyone in the office squirm a little.