Friday, December 8, 2006

Let's Broaden Our Minds

Today I'll be absent from my usual haunts, and it makes me sad. My robot will keep you company. I have to go join the army of angry contractors who haven't yet strangled, run over, stabbed, or tossed from the roof the Owner's Inspector. He likes to fancy himself an expert on whatever it is you're doing, then watch you do it, then make you redo it. Yes, he is paid by the hour. I'm joining the verklempt bandwagon, which was built and push-started by Tiff herself. The existence of this little shred of a thread is enough to quiver my lip over the warmth and generosity of folks I'm finding 'round here. Working on a few little writing projects, and oh will it ever be fun! Tracy Lynn, the Evil Genius, is hosting a 12 Days of Christmas thingamadeal, starting 12/12. All the cool kids will be there.

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tiff said...

Hurry back!! I could use the comments! :>