Wednesday, February 21, 2007

It Worked For Seinfeld

Today's installment of the Spiffytown Guest-post-a-pa-looza is from the darlin' of the South, Ms. Wordnerd herself, who seems to be having a bit of a time finding content on which to write as she travels through the Mayor's realm.... Herein, her offering. ==========================

Ah, the guest post. A lovely thing, eh? You work and work all day to think of something deargodjustsomething new and different and fresh to write and then you come up with it, only to have to post it elsewhere?

Oh, wait. That’s just me. The rest of these guest post-writers ROCK at this stuff. They can come up with the perfect post HERE, then go write the perfect post THERE, without breaking a sweat.

Me? Sheesh. As many of you (Tiff, Hyperion, the rest of the Monkey Barners), I do not respond well to pressure. Time and again, those guys have pleaded with me to write something at Monkey Barn, or at Wordsmiths Unlimited, or wherever. And the Nerd ran and cowered.

So the Mayor (the freakin’ MAYOR) of Spiffytown makes his request, and I say yes. What was I thinking? Just because I contributed a four-line stanza to an otherwise lovely poem at a new blog I found the other day, what made me think I could do this? I mean, I’m going to have to take DAYS off at the not-a-blog to recover from this. Oh. Wait. Never mind. I do that all the time.

Too. Much. Pressure.

What’s a girl to do? Write the best post ever? And use it here? Or write something totally lame, saving the best for her own place? Oh. Wait. We’re talkin’ about me again. ‘Best’ ain’t gonna happen. Lame, however, just might.

So it’s the post about nothing. Much like the show Jerry and George pitched oh so many years ago.

Ah, well, you get what you pay for, Spiffster.


Rick said...

Do ya ever wonder why a guy who is supposedly off "working" out of town and too "busy" to do his own posts... is still commenting elsewhere? Just sayin'....

Alyssa said...

well, ms. wordnerd, i think you succeeded in making a good post. it was funny and i totally giggled. well done you.

Sparky Duck said...

you filled out your quota without much effort