Monday, February 19, 2007

You Being Ok Is Not Part Of My Balanced Diet Of Doom

It's guest posting week here in Spiffytown - being kicked off today by one Ms Tracy Kaply of KaplyInc! Three cheers for TL!! ========================== Last week, Biff Spiffy, Mayor around these parts, asked me to write a guest post, and I, possibly delirious from an excess of carbohydrates, agreed. I must have been as mad as a spoon. Writing guest posts is hard, and generally my natural tendency towards inertia prevents me from such efforts. I consider this to be the blogging equivalent of a V chip, in that it's supposed to keep me out of trouble, but in reality is rather ineffective. See, around at my place, my seven loyal readers, bless their little black hearts, are as degenerate a bunch of loonies as ever looted a zombie run mall, and my style of writing tends to cater to them in what seems a very natural, almost organic, way. I write, they read, we diddle around in the comments a bit, and Bob's your uncle. Everybody wins. But here in Spiffytown, which I'm sure is a lovely place with rising property values and fabulous schools, I have no idea what the denizens may or may not be willing to accept. And I hesitate to embark on the usual round of perversion and insanity for fear of being run out of town on a rail, or brought up on charges of witchcraft, which I hear they're prone to do out here in the boonies, I mean suburbs. And while, in my usual haunts, the mere mention of the Bodacious Rack can often lift me out of any trouble I wander into, I'm not at all sure the local constabulary of Spiffytown will be swayed, although , if they aren't, then we need to moot the topic of pod people again. Anyway, I'm just going to wander around town, keeping a low profile, and trying to find a subject that won't get me tossed out again on my ass. You wait here. -- FEAR ME!

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Rick said...

Oooooo, did she say "ass?" Who is this Kaply person and who gave her directions to Spiffytown?