Friday, February 23, 2007

TGIF, fellow Spiffytonians, TGIF

Today, Rick of pays a little visit to Spiffytown, and hatches a plan. ==================================== Can you believe the Mayor ran off an left an entire town in the care of Innerweb roughians like us?? For an entire week?? He's just damned lucky to have a town to return to, if ya ask me. Speakin' of roughians, can I get a round of applause for the girls... Ms Tracy Kaply of Rennratt of ... the inimitable Wordnerd of the ever-literate AC of and our very own administratrix, Tiff of Thanks, y'all. (Waits for applause to die down.) My name's Rick and as near as I can tell, I'm in charge of lockin' up and goin' home. But here's a little secret, just 'tween you 'n' me and the innerweb... I'm leavin' the key on top of the door frame. For a reason. See, where I come from, we like to express our affection for the dearly depart, er, vacationing visionary by redecorating his or her office for their return. Sometimes, we redecorate and then brick up the door. Sometimes, we redecorate and install a fully-functional Cadillac DeVille, though that depends on the mechanical inclination and number of volunteers. Sometimes, we redecorate by encasing everything in tinfoil. Sometimes, we fill said enclosure with packing peanuts. Sometimes, we screw all the furniture to the ceiling. Sometimes, if we're really, really lazy and time is of the essence, we just turn a couple of goats and a handful of turkeys loose in the office for the weekend. The point is, we like to express our appreciation for elected officials that take a week off, coincidentally the same week as Mardi Gras, and insist they don't have time to fulfill their bloginess responsibilities, but do have time to comment elsewhere. And if someone just happens to leave a key on top of the door frame... Why, anything could happen! Catch my drift? And thanks for havin' us for this past, glorious week... You've been a great audience!


Sparky Duck said...

Im sure the mayor will be thrilled that ya'all didnt burn the place down

trinamick said...

Oh my, what's this in my hand? Saran wrap and shaving cream? Where did this come from? I'd best put it down next to the balloons and vaseline. I'd hate for things to get out of control.

kenju said...

Trinamick, sounds like you're fixin' to have a party of a different type altogether!