Thursday, February 8, 2007


I was leaving the corner after making the Kid Drop this morning. It's kinda like a rural drug deal; I enter the deserted parking lot, drive around like a dog getting ready for a nap, and park in my designated spot facing the wall. Lights on. Another parent comes in, and does the same thing counterclockwise. The bus arrives, and we wordlessly exchange kids for... for what? Damn, I'm getting gypped... My dealer's gonna hear about this. Anyway, I was on the way to work through the frozen mist-draped orchards, and happened to glance to my left. Gaah! The sky was blue! I swerved a little, then remembered I am cool and unflappable. It's just the sunrise. Only, I hadn't seen it on my commute in months, and was accustomed to inky darkness. Off to the east, the sky was awash in deep blues and greens, the clouds showing silvery edges on their bottoms. It was worth getting up for. Spring is on the way. I know this, because the Early Newsgirl says Detroit is having a heat wave (it was 7 degrees - above zero - during my truncated workout, while West Michigan enjoyed a nipply 3 degrees). Photo courtesy of coworker Melissa's camera phone, because she had the presence of mind to snap a picture (although her view came an hour later than mine).

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