Monday, April 2, 2007

Haiku, Part Deux

One...Two...Three... Spring Over!! West Michigan is enjoying 2-3 inches of rain today ("Flood watches are in effect for the entire listening area"), with hail and thunderstorms tonight. Snow tomorrow through Saturday. Perfect weather. If you're a frog. ================ Witches stir their brew, need eye of newt and frog hair. They pay me with cash Up late pondering: Is a frog's ass watertight? How would I find out? Frog. Steam roller. Need I say more? Now kindly hand me the spatula. A world in itself, this pond. I would swim its depths, but frog poop abounds. Open frog mouth and apply to drain: frog plunger. Cleans clogged pipes fast. Painted in tribal colors, warrior frogs march on helpless village. Right. Frogarang, Frog Cave, Frogmobile . . . image problem. Try again, Bruce Wayne. You’ve never heard of the terrible “Frogs of War.” It’s still top secret

1 comment:

kenju said...

If you're of a mind to, please send some of that water over here. We are below normal in rainfall already!