Monday, April 2, 2007


Hi my friends, I'm still on hiatus, thanks to all who expressed care and concern. And, thanks Sarch for the tag - I appreciate it a ton and will make good on it in the near future. I'd like to think I'll be back at it soon. Meanwhile, I saw an old friend last week. Way back around 7 years, we amused ourselves for a period of weeks writing Frog Haiku. Why, you ask? I already told you in the last sentence. Pay attention, yo! In 3 installments I will provide more haiku than you thought you'd want Without more stalling let me present unto you some froggy haiku (I'm out of practice. Sorry for the crummy intro. Half of these are mine, other half are my friend's. Enjoy! Submit your entries in the comments - there's never enough frog haiku!) Orb-eyed fen-dweller sits by moose-dung fly fest. Ah! But is he happy? "Just thinking of your diet gags me," says princess. No French kisses here. Princess kisses frog. Frog remains frog. What on earth else would you expect? Halfway down snake’s mouth, frog stays the stoic course. Does nothing bug this guy? Her tongue stuck to that of cursed prince, princess says, “Dang! What was I thinking?” Two slices of bread. Frog. Mayonnaise. Pickle. You can’t be serious. “Kermit the Frog here interviewing Godzilla.” Sadly, short meeting. Green and red, whirling Frog innards, toenails, and skin. I wreck mom's blender

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